January 18, 2018

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I am a co-founder of Zilicus Solution and I write about project management, collaboration, productivity, project management software, cloud computing, requirement management and business empowerment.

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    Great post. Thank You ! Once the application was applied to our business procedures, we realized that productivity levels among our group of employees were all over the place and that our project managers were deficient in billing the appropriate hours per client project. Within the first month, after the system implementation, we were able to recover more than 10% in billable hours.

    Some of the team members thought we were spying on them. Some faulted other team members, and others just didn’t want to listen and decided to leave the company. But at the end the day, the message was understood by the remaining team members and, today, the team is profitable again. Our project managers no longer need to spend as much time monitoring the team, and everybody gained personal autonomy.

    After twelve months of use, our profitability was up more than 60% compared to previous years. The transparency offered to give the teams a more serene working atmosphere while maintaining a high level of performance.

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    Rafae Lijohns

    Project management software can simply the work management and increase the efficiency through proper organization of task.

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