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Should You Hire Industry Outsider?

Should You Hire Industry Outsider? | Project Management Weekly Roundup

Project and Change Management: Yin and Yang?

Are project manager and change manager different? If so, how are they different? Do they require different skills? Gary Hamilton has shared his perspective that project management and change management though complement each other, they require different processes and distinctly skilled resources. Take a look at this projectmanagement.com article.

Back to Basics of Project Planning : Ultimate project management guide

Project management has been quite enriching career for many of us. It is also true that many of us believe that we are accidental project manager, especially when we see universities offering courses and graduating project managers from these institutions. Despite of the fact whether you are an accidental project manager or have project management degree, this ultimate project planning article will help you get back to the basics of project management.

Should You Hire Outsider? | weekly project management roundup

Five Reasons To Hire Someone With No ‘Industry Experience’

We have seen it so many times, companies or hiring managers prefer candidates with relevant industry experience or background. Typically recruiters have been biased toward industry-experienced candidates, let’s accept it. There is nothing wrong as such. Liz Ryan has a different and personal experience of getting hired despite of the fact that she was an Opera singer. There are different aspects of hiring someone kind of outlier. Pretty interesting to know what all positives things can be derived if you hire industry outsider.

The Power of Trying: Why You Must Take Leaps Into Unknown Territory

Jason Feifer has personal experience to share – The Power of Trying and how he was able to learn & master new things which he thought he might never do in his life. There is always a fun and excitement in learning new things in your life. You may want to glance through this Entrepreneur article

Why Project Risk Management Software Is, Must-Have For Organizations

Not surprising if your project managers have been bypassing risk management for the project they were managing before. Now it is no longer options. Businesses who have ‘been there, done that’ do not want to burn their fingers again. It is a positive trend when we see project managers signing up ZilicusPM primarily for risk management. Let’s look at why risk management software is must have for organizations.

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