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What Do Successful Project Managers Do? | Weekly Roundup

What Do Successful Project Managers Do? | Weekly Roundup

In this weekly round up post, let’s look at what do successful project managers do or put it in other words , what do project managers do to be successful?

10 Attributes of an Successful Project Manager

A post at Nutcache, has listed attributes of effective project manager. Let me refer some of the points from the list.

What Do Successful Project Managers Do?“Excellent leadership skills, Inspires his/her team with a shared vision, Strong team building skills, Captain cool who can remain cool under pressure, Excellent negotiation skills, Empathetic, competent, Effective communication skills, Good decision maker and Technical expertise.”

And one would notice that most of the points listed are about good leadership qualities or what a good leader should do. Read more for the post.

Can Engineers be Successful Project Managers

How Can Civial Engineers Become Successful Project ManagersInstitute of Civil Engineers in UK has launched various e-learning courses for civil project engineers to be successful project manager. There are topics around introduction to project management for civil engineers and construction professionals, Essential Project Management for Civil Engineers and Construction and Professionals, whereas other courses include Project Business Case, Project Communication Management, Project Contracts Management, Project Cost Management, Project Governance, Project Risk Management, Project Scope Management, Project Quality Management, Project Planning and above all, project management office (PMO)

This list reminded me of ultimate guide: Back to basics of project planning and management.


Martial Arts and the Successful Project Manager

Martial arts and Successful Project ManagerHere is a project management post by Tom Flynn P.E. that relates martial arts and successful project manager. Based on his experience associated with Martial arts, tom thinks “there are many parallels and philosophical tenets that apply to both martial arts and project management“. Let me share couple of points from this interesting post.

Fudoshin (foo-dō-sheen) 不動心:

The term means Immovable Mind and it can be interpreted as clear focus on project objective.

Tada Ima (tah-dah-ee-ma) 只今:

In the context of martial arts, this term means Only Now and it can be interpreted as understanding the need of and working for current situation irrespective of baggage from past or future expectations. Please read more about this post here.


Interpersonal Skills Required To Be Effective Project Manager

SimpliLearn Article by Pradip Dwevedi about interpersonal skills for project manager to be more effective. Pradip writes team building and decision making are important to get your project team involved, negotiation, motivation are critical aspects of interpersonal communication skills that project manager should have. All these aspects will turn a project into a leader.

How To Make The Maximum Out Of Your Project Management Software

One of the important aspect of successful project manager is to use right project management software for the organization and making it as a single source of truth. The recent post at ZilicusPM Blog, identifies the challenges in adoption of new IT systems and project management software in particular. Team Zilicus has learned it over the years, about how to increase adoption and maximize RoI by implementing ZilicusPM system more effectively for its client.

One of the aspects businesses buyers have to keep in mind that they should set realistic expectations of project management system being selected, it should enable change with project champions in order to seamlessly accept and adopt the system, going in a step by step approach, establishing KPI, KRAs from the system and making those as standard performance parameters across organization, encouraging positive feedback, etc. Read more about maximizing from implementation of project management software.


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