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Dos and Don’ts of Project Management

Dos and Don’ts of Project Management Managing Dos Don’ts Project Management Processes ·  Depending on organization’s business fit, bring-in processes to streamline project delivery process and make it less risky, more predictable and repeatable ·  Understand that there will be resistance to new processes or change to existing processes. You need to build right set of utilities...CONTINUE READING

Success of Innovation & Role of Early Adopters

Have you heard of Everett Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovations? If not, here it is: What Diffusion of Innovation depicts : If you introduce a concept or product to public/market, it gets dispersed through different society/cultures at different pace by different category of users. User category Characteristics Innovators (13.5%) They are the first ones to embrace new idea/innovation: Highest...CONTINUE READING