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ZilicusPM: Get Started Guide for Project Managers (Part-II)

Get Started Guide for Project Managers using ZilicusPM to Plan, Track Project in Holistic and Realistic Manner. Welcome to the concluding post ZilicusPM Project Management Software: Get Started Guide for Project Managers. The first post introduced ZilicusPM and creating first project, setting up project team. In this post we will move to next level and...CONTINUE READING

Early Preview of Zilicus Project Management Software: ZilicusPM 7.2

Zilicus, cloud based solution collaboration provider of the best online project management software РZilicusPM, will be releasing new and enhanced version ZilicusPM 7.2. I am happy to share a preview of ZilicusPM 7.2 here. This improved version of ZilicusPM, will introduce reports like Earned value Analysis (EVM), portfolio level expenses reports, enhanced project financial reports...CONTINUE READING