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Using ZilicusPM – online project management software, in expert mode

Yes, we are back after a very short-while; we have been busy in building serious project management application that can make your life simpler; something that can help you to be at peace while managing projects; to help you to refrain from last minute surprises !! This post share some  tips in quickly managing, controlling & updating...CONTINUE READING

Enhancing User Experience of ZilicusPM

It is our constant endeavor to enhance user experience of Zilicus applications. The recent focus has been on ZilicusPM – Online Project Management Software. During beta phase of ZilicusPM we did significant usability testing with set of users. It improved its usability. After launching ZilicusPM till today, we observed certain pattern of usage of ZilicusPM;...CONTINUE READING

Tips to control derailing project

Are you realizing that your project is on the verge of getting declared as DELAYED; then you should deliberate seriously about following tips to control progress of the project before it falls into the trap of actually getting delayed. Go back to the drawing room & work out potential but necessary arrangements that need to...CONTINUE READING

ZilicusPM – Online Project Management Software is Ready to Go Live

After months of hard work and based on extensive user feedback, ZilicusPM Project Management Software has been launched today. ZilicusPM is a comprehensive Project Management and Collaboration Software. It allows project managers & team members to Get Things Done easily & faster! It is powerful for project managers so that they can plan, track and control project well,...CONTINUE READING

Approaching The Moment of Excitement, Bit of Anxiety and Confidence!

For us, last few months have been filled with tireless work of building ZilicusPM Solution: An Online Project Management Software. Team-Zilicus has been engrossed with load of activities: concluding features‘ list for the first release of ZilicusPM, development, collecting feedback from beta users, fixing issues and recently doing performance testing & tuning (of Database, web...CONTINUE READING

SaaS Vs On-Premise Software Comparison

Comparison of SaaS Based vs on Premise Software About Zilicus Zilicus offers the best project portfolio management tool ZilicusPM, with robust project management tools capabilities and easy ways to track project management KPI, Know more about project portfolio management, Gantt chart, best project management tool, project management office, project management tips, project planning guide, project risk management, project scope management, effective project management, project manager guides and...CONTINUE READING