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Five Project Manager’s Behavior That Can Fail Project

If project succeeds then it is the result of collective team effort however if project fails, it may fail due to various reasons but the failure is largely attributed to project manager. They say – Project team can be interesting group of people, wherein project manager promises customer “Don’t worry, we will deliver it. Nothing...CONTINUE READING

Selecting Online Project Management Software, Senior Management Perspective

I often get opportunity to talk to senior management, especially in the context of project management office (PMO), in some cases, organizations do not have designated project management office (PMO) but senior management has portfolio of projects to monitor and deliver. Senior Management Perspective With online project management software, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)...CONTINUE READING

Project Organization Hierarchy / Organogram in ZilicusPM

Project Organogram / Project Organization Hierarchy in ZilicusPM Project Management Software This post illustrates the essence of the unique feature offered by ZilicusPM – Project Organization Hierarchy¬†also known as “Project Organogram” We will cover: What does the term Project Organization Hierarchy/ organogram mean? What is the purpose project organogram? What are its benefits of project...CONTINUE READING