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Effective Project Management - Clear Stakeholder Communication

Tips to Manage Projects Effectively – Clear Stakeholder Communication

Effective Project Management – Clear Stakeholder Communication As a part of project planning, there has to be project communication plan as well. Stakeholder communication is integral part of project management. It decides how project information is conveyed, to whom it is communicated, how much frequently, in which form it is communicated, etc. Different project stakeholders...CONTINUE READING

10 Questions Project Manager Should Ask While Taking Up a Project

10 Questions Project Manager Should Ask While Taking Up a Project Project manager is one such person that stakeholders want to be present (omnipresent?), clarify, guide, update, etc. But project manager is the person who should be clear about every business, delivery aspect of the project. To seek such clarity, there are questions that need...CONTINUE READING

16 Things That a Good Project Manager Knows and Practices Regularly

16 Things That a Good Project Manager Knows and Practices Regularly Project management profession has evolved and grown significantly in recent time. There are project management professionals striving for excellence, making it even better. Let’s look at how can a good project manager makes difference   1.Well Versed with Earned Value Management Even if you...CONTINUE READING

8 Essential Rules to Effectively Manage Projects

8 Essential Rules to Effectively Manage Projects Project management is certainly not a new phenomenon; our ancestors have been doing it since ages, though it used to be informal project management (without calling it so). It is in the last century that project management became formal with standards and compliance laid out by regulatory bodies and...CONTINUE READING

Project Management Lessons Learnt – By Nasa Executive

I came across this article “128 Lessons Learned for Project Managers” written by ‘Jerry Madden’ –  Goddard Space Flight Center (Retired) at Nasa; and it enlists quite a few project management ‘advice’ for project management professionals, senior management and project team members. Here are some of the quotes, I found quite useful and interesting Every...CONTINUE READING
9 Ways to Earn Team Members Respect fi

9 ways to Earn Team Members Respect

9 ways to Earn Team Members Respect Recently I happened to meet one of my ex-colleagues from previous organization. He told me that he had changed his job and will be joining new employer as a program manager. So we were discussing about his a new job, the role, etc. I knew him in some ways – he gets...CONTINUE READING

Transforming: Good to Great Project Manager

Transformation:Good To Great Project Manager? Jim Collins Way of Good to Great James C “Jim” Collins is well known business consultant, author, who studied at Stanford and worked at McKinsey & Co. Jim Collins after a five years of detailed research involving more than thousands of companies (1435 to be precise) analyzed for 40+ years, in 2001...CONTINUE READING

This week in Project Management and Leadership (13-19 Jan 2013)

Here is a quick view of project management and leadership articles, activities covered in this week Five personality traits to benefit any project manager Guest blogger at SME-blog shares five personality traits for the benefit of project manager. The traits/characteristics being Excellent communication skill Flexibility and adaptability Methodical approach, problem solving skill among others Projects...CONTINUE READING

Three Ways to Steer Your Project through Troubled Waters

Project managers often face an uphill battle when it comes to leading the team and getting a project completed on time, on budget and within scope. Communication issues, personal bias, and the desire to “fix it all” can invade a team, stopping a project in its tracks before anyone realizes there is an issue. Part...CONTINUE READING

Project Management Guide: Project Communication Planning

Project Management Guide: Project Communication Planning In previous post we briefly touched how to planning risks of projects, in this post we will look at planning of project communications. You can jump to Project Planning | Project Scope | Delivery Schedule Planning | Resource Planning | Cost Planning | Quality Planning | Risk Planning |...CONTINUE READING