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Three Ways to Steer Your Project through Troubled Waters

Project managers often face an uphill battle when it comes to leading the team and getting a project completed on time, on budget and within scope. Communication issues, personal bias, and the desire to “fix it all” can invade a team, stopping a project in its tracks before anyone realizes there is an issue. Part...CONTINUE READING

Project Management Guide: Project Communication Planning

Project Management Guide: Project Communication Planning In previous post we briefly touched how to planning risks of projects, in this post we will look at planning of project communications. You can jump to Project Planning | Project Scope | Delivery Schedule Planning | Resource Planning | Cost Planning | Quality Planning | Risk Planning |...CONTINUE READING

Tips to control derailing project

Are you realizing that your project is on the verge of getting declared as DELAYED; then you should deliberate seriously about following tips to control progress of the project before it falls into the trap of actually getting delayed. Go back to the drawing room & work out potential but necessary arrangements that need to...CONTINUE READING