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Why Projects Fail – 10 Major Project Management Pitfalls You Need To Avoid (Part II)

Why Projects Fail – 10 Major Project Management Pitfalls You Need To Avoid (Part II) In the first part of three part series about top 10 project management pitfalls that can explain why projects fail, we looked at lack of processes, goals, changing project requirements, inexperienced or misfit project manager, work-overload, etc. Now we have...CONTINUE READING

Project Management Lessons Learnt – By Nasa Executive

I came across this article “128 Lessons Learned for Project Managers” written by ‘Jerry Madden’ –  Goddard Space Flight Center (Retired) at Nasa; and it enlists quite a few project management ‘advice’ for project management professionals, senior management and project team members. Here are some of the quotes, I found quite useful and interesting Every...CONTINUE READING

This week in Project Management (04-11 March 2013)

1.       The Dirty Little Secret of Project Management The Harvard Business Review (HBR) blog – authors Joe Knight, Roger Thomas, and Brad Angus have succinctly outlined the uncertainty in project management deliverables as well as the difference between software project management and engineering/construction project management and the impact of the delay in deliverables of respective domain....CONTINUE READING

Tips to control derailing project

Are you realizing that your project is on the verge of getting declared as DELAYED; then you should deliberate seriously about following tips to control progress of the project before it falls into the trap of actually getting delayed. Go back to the drawing room & work out potential but necessary arrangements that need to...CONTINUE READING