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Project Manager’s Wish List for Year 2013

After completing year-end activities like project status reports, project budgeting, approvals, etc. we said good bye to year 2012. Let me wish you a very happy new year, and as we are entering in year 2013, let me take this opportunity to peek into the future and make a wish list for me as a...CONTINUE READING

Top 10 Project Management Tips for Small Businesses

Being a small business owners, most of the times, you don’t have adequate staff or resources at hand. Not only does this make it more difficult to accomplish your goals, but it can also mean that vital daily tasks can fall through the cracks. With a small business, it is all the more important that each...CONTINUE READING

Back To Basics – Project Management Guide – Project Planning Overview

Back To Basics – Project Management Guide – Project Planning Overview This week we are going to kick off one more series of ‘Back To Basics’ articles that will cover the basic aspects of project planning – like project objective, requirements, deliverables, scheduling, risk planning, communication planning and many other aspects. You can jump to...CONTINUE READING