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New Version of Project Management Tool ZilicusPM 9.3 Launched

Project Management Tool ZilicusPM 9.3, The Newest Version Launched ZilicusPM the award winning project management tool, released with new features and enhancements to help project managers to plan project resource better, also improving project collaboration through email for project team members and other usability enhancements. Zilicus, Software-As-A-Service provider of online project management tool – ZilicusPM...CONTINUE READING

Project Management Lessons Learnt – By Nasa Executive

I came across this article “128 Lessons Learned for Project Managers” written by ‘Jerry Madden’ –  Goddard Space Flight Center (Retired) at Nasa; and it enlists quite a few project management ‘advice’ for project management professionals, senior management and project team members. Here are some of the quotes, I found quite useful and interesting Every...CONTINUE READING

What Makes Project Management Different

What Makes Project Management Different The first question one would ask me, ‘Project management different from what?’ The answer: project management is different from other management activities – like managing some routine things, managing class/ managing training or managing engineering workshop floor.   Because every project is different No one can refute this fact. All-encompassing...CONTINUE READING

Project Scope Management – (Part-I)

Introduction: Project Scope Management   Once targets are set, the budget, deliverable, timeline, resources are identified; almost all projects are kicked off in enthusiasm. As they progress, realities kick in. If we look at the available statistics e.g. CHAOS report published by Standish Group in 2009, says 24% of projects failed to complete & 52%...CONTINUE READING

Back To Basics – Project Management Guide: Project Resource Planning

Back To Basics – Project Management Guide: Project Resource Planning In previous posts, we looked at project planning in terms of scheduling of activities, aligning those with project scope, cost, time and quality constraints. In this post, we are going to look at another vital aspect of project planning – i.e. resource planning. You can...CONTINUE READING

Back To Basics – Project Planning – Project Delivery Schedule

Back To BProject Delivery Scheduleasics – Project Planning You can jump to Project Planning | Project Scope | Project Delivery Schedule Planning | Resource Planning | Cost Planning | Quality Planning | Risk Planning | Communication Planning parts of this series. Delivery Schedule Planning Once project scope is determined and work breakdown structure (WBS) is...CONTINUE READING