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10 Questions Project Manager Should Ask While Taking Up a Project

10 Questions Project Manager Should Ask While Taking Up a Project Project manager is one such person that stakeholders want to be present (omnipresent?), clarify, guide, update, etc. But project manager is the person who should be clear about every business, delivery aspect of the project. To seek such clarity, there are questions that need...CONTINUE READING

Early Preview of Online Project Management Software: ZilicusPM 8.0, the Newest Version

Zilicus, cloud based solution collaboration provider of the best online project management software – ZilicusPM, will be releasing new and enhanced version ZilicusPM 8.0. I am happy to share a preview of ZilicusPM 8.0 here. This version of ZilicusPM, enables you to track projects, tasks and other aspects of projects the way you wish to. This...CONTINUE READING

Transforming: Good to Great Project Manager

Transformation:Good To Great Project Manager? Jim Collins Way of Good to Great James C “Jim” Collins is well known business consultant, author, who studied at Stanford and worked at McKinsey & Co. Jim Collins after a five years of detailed research involving more than thousands of companies (1435 to be precise) analyzed for 40+ years, in 2001...CONTINUE READING

Zilicus Launches Project Cost Management Solution for its Online Project Management Software

Zilicus Launched Project Cost Management Solution To Manage Project Budget, Cost, Expenses, Billing The award winning online project management software – ZilicusPM, launched latest version ZilicusPM 6.0; introduces project cost management solution to manage project budget, cost, expenses and billing. Houston, TX, Jan, 16th 2013 – Zilicus Solutions, the leading provider of award winning online...CONTINUE READING

Project Scope Definition and Management – (Part-II)

In the previous post of “project scope management” we briefly introduced the concept of project scope, importance of well defined scope and how project scope gets shaped up during project initiation process. In this post, we are going to understand how step-by-step project scope identification and definition can happen. Project Scope Definition Once you have...CONTINUE READING