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Tracking Project KPIs : Important Aspect of a Project Management Software

Seven Aspects of Project Management Software

There are plenty of software solutions to help you manage project tasks but what all functionalities one would need for managing projects is debatable. There are basic task management tools, some advance scheduling & resource planning tools, some are extremely complex but enterprise solutions while, there are tools for specific purpose like Issue tracking, Risk...CONTINUE READING

Early Preview of Project Management Software System: ZilicusPM 9.1

Early Preview of Project Management Software System: ZilicusPM 9.1 We listened to you, heard your expectations. And in the next week we will be upgrading your choice of the best Project Management Software System – ZilicusPM, to have features, enhancements suggested by some of you. ZilicusPM 9.1, the upgraded version of Project Management Software System...CONTINUE READING

ZilicusPM Announced Winner in Project Management Software Election 2012

Online project management software leader ZilicusPM, recognized as the winner of Project Management Software contest beating more than 55 well known project management solutions.   Houston, Texas – Nov 09, 2012: Zilicus Solutions, a leading provider of online project management software has been elected as the President of Project Management Software industry. ZilicusPM’s resounding victory in...CONTINUE READING