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Project Management Software for SMB – 5 Things to Ensure

5 Most Important Things to Evaluate Before Adopting Project Management Software for SMB What are management experiences, what all factors do they take in to account and how these factors are prioritised while selecting project management software for SMB ? Having closely interacted with our customers and potential customers, I have seen spectrum of requirements/expectation...CONTINUE READING

Online Project Planning, Tracking Software – Things to Look for

Online Project Planning, Tracking Software – Things to Look for Do you know the real state of projects you are managing, are you able to promise reliable delivery date for your projects? If the answer is NO, then you are in a shooting-in-the-dark situation. There can be various reasons for such situation – No clear...CONTINUE READING

ZilicusPM Announced Winner in Project Management Software Election 2012

Online project management software leader ZilicusPM, recognized as the winner of Project Management Software contest beating more than 55 well known project management solutions.   Houston, Texas – Nov 09, 2012: Zilicus Solutions, a leading provider of online project management software has been elected as the President of Project Management Software industry. ZilicusPM’s resounding victory in...CONTINUE READING