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New Version of Project Management Tool ZilicusPM 9.3 Launched

Project Management Tool ZilicusPM 9.3, The Newest Version Launched ZilicusPM the award winning project management tool, released with new features and enhancements to help project managers to plan project resource better, also improving project collaboration through email for project team members and other usability enhancements. Zilicus, Software-As-A-Service provider of online project management tool – ZilicusPM...CONTINUE READING

Early Preview of Online Project Management Software: ZilicusPM 7.4, the Newest Version

Zilicus, cloud based solution collaboration provider of the best online project management software – ZilicusPM, will be releasing new and enhanced Online Project Management Software: ZilicusPM 7.4. I am happy to share a preview of Online Project Management Software: ZilicusPM 7.4 here. This improved version of ZilicusPM, will make resource management even better and easier for organization with resource...CONTINUE READING