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8 Essential Rules to Effectively Manage Projects

8 Essential Rules to Effectively Manage Projects Project management is certainly not a new phenomenon; our ancestors have been doing it since ages, though it used to be informal project management (without calling it so). It is in the last century that project management became formal with standards and compliance laid out by regulatory bodies and...CONTINUE READING

Project Scope Management: Project Scope Monitoring, Control

Project Scope Management: Project Scope Monitoring, Verification and Control In the previous post of project scope management we looked at how project scope is defined. In this post, lets see importance of project scope verification and how to manage changes in project scope. Project Scope Verification Even though you may define project scope, it is critical...CONTINUE READING

Project Management – Managing Project Scope (Part -I)

Project Management – Effectively Managing Project Scope (Part -I) You are returning from a meeting you just had with your projects sponsor & you are sure that what project sponsor is asking now, was never agreed. You tried making your point yet project sponsor did not agree. You realize that even if at some point...CONTINUE READING