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Project Management Software for SMB – 5 Things to Ensure

5 Most Important Things to Evaluate Before Adopting Project Management Software for SMB What are management experiences, what all factors do they take in to account and how these factors are prioritised while selecting project management software for SMB ? Having closely interacted with our customers and potential customers, I have seen spectrum of requirements/expectation...CONTINUE READING

Zilicus featured on KillerStartups.com

Today, we are excited to announce that Zilicus is featured on KillerStartups.com Killerstartups.com writer Holly Hutton recently interviewed Co-founders of Zilicus – Dhan & Nagin. This interview took an inside view at how ZilicusPM is helping global organizations in managing their projects and co-founders’ entrepreneurial journey. Here is some part of the interview: As they...CONTINUE READING

Top 10 Project Management Tips for Small Businesses

Being a small business owners, most of the times, you don’t have adequate staff or resources at hand. Not only does this make it more difficult to accomplish your goals, but it can also mean that vital daily tasks can fall through the cracks. With a small business, it is all the more important that each...CONTINUE READING