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Project Scope Management: Project Scope Monitoring, Control

Project Scope Management: Project Scope Monitoring, Verification and Control In the previous post of project scope management we looked at how project scope is defined. In this post, lets see importance of project scope verification and how to manage changes in project scope. Project Scope Verification Even though you may define project scope, it is critical...CONTINUE READING

Project Scope Definition and Management – (Part-II)

In the previous post of “project scope management” we briefly introduced the concept of project scope, importance of well defined scope and how project scope gets shaped up during project initiation process. In this post, we are going to understand how step-by-step project scope identification and definition can happen. Project Scope Definition Once you have...CONTINUE READING

Project Scope Management – (Part-I)

Introduction: Project Scope Management   Once targets are set, the budget, deliverable, timeline, resources are identified; almost all projects are kicked off in enthusiasm. As they progress, realities kick in. If we look at the available statistics e.g. CHAOS report published by Standish Group in 2009, says 24% of projects failed to complete & 52%...CONTINUE READING