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Project Management Software ZilicusPM 8.3 Launched! More Productivity, Collaboration with Greater Visibility

Zilicus, the leading provider of project management software, released its newest version ZilicusPM 8.3, that helps project team team in improving productivity, collaboration and it offers greater visibility into resources availability and various project management reports. Zilicus, cloud based collaboration solutions provider of project management software – ZilicusPM, has released newest version ZilicusPM 8.3. The latest version of...CONTINUE READING

Efficient Project Financial Management |Budget, Cost, Margin

Efficient Project Financial Management | Managing Project Budget, Cost, Expenses, Billing and Margin How do you define success of a project? What perspective will you use – a customer’s perspective who has been delivered quality outcome or a vendor’s perspective who has delivered project on time and within budget? Or a holistic view where customer...CONTINUE READING