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Effective Project Management - Recap

Tips for Effective Project Management – Recap

Tips For Effective Project Management – Recap

Here is the concluding post for series Tips to for effective project management. .

Key points to remember

  • Staff may come and go, it is only sound process which will ensure smooth transition and consistency
  • No one likes bad surprises, especially management hates it
  • Whether you will like it or not, there will be surprises, the best thing you can do is ‘be prepared’
  • Being prepared is possible, if you know how to respond to risks, have given thoughts to mitigation or contingency planning
  • Planning is crucial phase, it can make or break projects. Without a sound planning process, it is mostly ‘by chance’ you might be able to deliver project well on time and meeting other expectations

Take look at few pointers the infographics below.

Effective Project Management - Recap


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Tips for Effective Project Management – Project Delivery, Closure and Review
Effective Project Management – Infographics

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