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Effective Project Management - Use Right PM Tools to Simplify Life FI

Tips to Manage Projects Effectively – Use Right Project Management Tool

Tips to Manage Projects Effectively – Use Right Project Management Tool

Gone are the days when project manager was exclusive user of project planning tools like MS Project. If your projects are non-trivial (like a week or a month and involves just one or two resources), you can not manage projects any better without using project management tool. In last post, it was mentioned that different project stakeholders need different project information at different times; PM tools automate that communication part pretty easily. Imaging project manager writing manual emails and sending those emails separately to each individual every time. It was just so much counter-productive! Irrespective of the culture of the organisation, project management tool is indispensable to manage projects. You need to start using right project management software regularly.

Advantages of online project management Tool

  • All your project data is at a central place
  • Have better collaboration with all project stakeholders
  • Project processes are automated freeing project manager’s time from tactical activities
  • Team members are well informed and do not miss deadline
  • Tracking project progress is easier, at a click of mouse
  • Getting early warning indicators is a big saver for project managers
  • It brings transparency and accountability

Seven important aspects to project management software

  1. Project Scheduling
  2. Project Collaboration
  3. Resource Management & Time Tracking
  4. Budgeting, Cost and Billing Management
  5. Risk Planning and Management
  6. Issue Tracking & Change Request Management
  7. Project Reporting and Dashboard

Take look at few pointers the image below to effectively manage project using project management tool and simplify your life.

Tips to Manage Projects Effectively - Use Right Project Management Tool to Simplify Life


If you haven’t been using PM tool yet and looking for a project management software, refer this guide to select the right project management tool for your team. You can as well refer this list of best project management software available in the market.

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