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How UK’s biggest critical infra project is supported: Weekly Project Management Roundup

Here is a weekly round up about project management: interesting articles, industry news, trends, research survey findings from leading resourceful websites.

How an IT department in a portacabin supporting UK’s biggest critical infrastructure project

There is £1bn project in progress to transform London Bridge railway station. The project is currently the most critical and the largest infra project in the UK. The project is expected to deliver modernization and transformation of new platform, bridges, concourse, etc. All the IT to support this largest infra project of UK is done by a small UK IT services firm. One of the key personnel in charge of this IT form to support this project has shared the life in portacabin with Computer Weekly. Learn more about this project and how IT is helping infra project planning, tracking, controlling and monitoring.


Project management glossary

CIO.com has put together the project management glossary that enlists definitions and details of common, no-so-common project teams used in the field of project leadership and project management. Let me enlist few terms here and suggest you to visit the website for details.

  • 10 project management knowledge areas, Accepted deliverables
  • Business need
  • Change requests
  • Close-out phase
  • Cost forecasts
  • Enterprise project management office (EPMO)
  • Projectized organization
  • Project management office (PMO)

Is Project Management Right for You?

Many practicing PMs and aspiring PMs find project management is their ultimate choice of career. Yet there are so many niche career path that one can take be it project leader, project portfolio manager, portfolio owner, project analyst, project administrator, project controller, PMO lead and so on. You may get overwhelmed with these choices and wondering where one can begin. Take a look at this projectmanagement.com article for possible answers.

IT leadership survey

Various institutes, houses come up with industry surveys. Some of these surveys can provide useful, meaningful findings. Let’s look at what CIO.com has brought us in its recent IT leadership survey. The project management and IT leadership survey appears to have look ed at IT leadership and influence aspect, whether to go for agile, innovative way of managing projects, etc.

Ballooning Project Management

Infra ProjectReally interesting take on project management, an experiment/excecise about balloons and sustainability can be driven. A Canadian company named Hydrostor has launched a project that uses giant underwater ‘balloons’ to store energy and it believes that zero-emissions system is half the cost of the best batteries available and lasts twice as long. The article linked here draws the analogy or interconnectedness among this initiative, project management and sustainability.

Does Certification Limit Learning?

Somewhat counter-intuitive or ironic article but this article puts up questions whether the project management certification process is limiting the learning. The over-simplification of project management discipline, how curriculum is prepared and the way MCQ (multiple choice Questions) are designed – are they only adding to credentials to people’s cv/resume or it is really fostering or limiting the learning.

Seven Views of Project Management Software

As you can see, what is implied by “project-management tool”, the answer to this question changes from one organization to another. What a given organization need from project management software, should be decided based on type of projects, project team members’ readiness, client’s expectations, current maturity of project process at your company and where you would like to shape up project management process in future.

News about project management and leadership


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