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Ultimate Personal Productivity Platform (Productivity Recap)

Ultimate Personal Productivity Platform (Productivity Recap)

Which is the greatest personal productivity platform?

Rightly so, the answer JD Meier gives to the question the greatest personal productivity platform is you. Productivity is about focus, attention, motivation and energy. And every bit of these aspects are about you.

I like JD Meier’s style to begin articles with a quote. This article is no exception.

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” ? Stephen King

Four end user types that are IT project productivity killers:-

The article identifies patterns of users who hamper productivity of IT project team. They are perpetual enhancer, non-participator, over-participator, and poor communicator. It takes skillful and experienced IT project manager to find ways to tackle such difficult users.

personal productivity

team and personal productivity killer

8 Psychology Hacks to Increase Your Creativity and Productivity:-

Interesting article at Entrepreneur to help us improve our creativity and productivity.


  • Establish psychological distance
  • Attend to your moods
  • Re-conceptualize the problem
  • Make a fun challenge for yourself


  • Address your motivations and de-motivations.
  • Get your mind into the “flow.”
  • Give yourself deadlines.
  • Practice mindfulness.

Read more in details of the hacks to improve creativity and productivity.

Life Changing Personal Productivity Tools (and ones you shouldn’t use)

Chris Danilo has shared extensive list of technological tools and self-help books to improve personal productivity. Productivity improvement as we know isn’t a new buzzword but something we have to keep on practicing. Here is Chris’s list of 24 life changing productivity tools.

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