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Update from Zilicus Lab @ ZilicusPM & ZilicusRM


This month has been insane! So many things have been happening.

 Customer engagement

Since last month we are seeing significantly high customer engagement, on many aspects for ZilicusPM – online project management software.

  • The engagement in terms of number of signups, users’ engagement with application and of course, the one-on-one interaction
  • For a SaaS solution provider users’ engagement with the application is the most critical factor/ indicator that determines whether the software is really working for them or not and we are so delighted to see significantly high interaction of users with the ZilicusPM.
  • When customers said, “We do not need ZilicusPM demo or application walk-through”, I was happy to hear because they further said, “because we found it so easy to use, we do not think that we would require your assistance”
  • It feels really great when customers respond and say ‘Interactive Gantt chart is awesome‘, ‘The risk management in ZilicusPM is great’, ‘Project dashboard is quite impressive‘ and so on. And we know that all our hard work for last couple of years is being appreciated. It inspires us to work even harder and offer customers even better solution.
  • There are couple of things we have noted
    • No matter how comprehensive and feature-rich the solution is, some organizations/users will always have their own expectations, own requirements that they expect tool to fulfill
    • Some of these requirements, we found quite useful and have decided to include in the product roadmap
    • There is still larger terrain to be explored, not just project management per say but integrated business management

One of the trends we have observed for certain set of users is, user signs up for the service only to realize that he/she became so busy in other activities that he/she could not utilize 30-days evaluation period. I strongly advocate using ZilicusPM even in such case, because I am confident that ZilicusPM will help them organize their project activities and will help them in avoiding last minute runs. Of course, we do understand their situation in most cases and we are always ready to help them by arranging quick walk-through/demonstration. And it works for most of them!

Feature update

We are a lean organization! As far as ZilicusPM is concerned, we are releasing a newer version once in two months (if not once in a month). That gives us opportunity to enhance ZilicusPM further, incorporate users’ feedback. It also works well for our customers, as they get better features, features they need and of course a mature solution.

For ZilicusPM’s August release the work is fully on. We have already completed development of most of the features, and are being tested at the moment. So what are new features/enhancements you can expect in next release?

  • Enhanced allocation of resource to project
  • Activity Stream (social media alike updates)
  • Advance reports, more reports 🙂
  • Custom fields for Risks
  • Scale-able and printer friendly project & portfolio dashboards

New product roadmap

Last week we announced that we will be introducing Requirement management software. We are confident that ZilicusRM is going to be very unique and useful proposition for businesses to define requirements, monitor and control changes, plan schedule for requirements and manage delivery. ZilicusRM will provide complete traceability for all requirement artifacts and a platform for stakeholders to seamlessly collaborate.

Do contact us if you have any inputs to share. We will be happy to have a discussion (email/phone) with you.

New partnership agreement

Well for Zilicus, a new partnership is a ‘In-Progress’ affair at the moment. We expect to sign a partnership agreement with a group of project management professionals in next month. He hope to announce it very in next couple of weeks.

** Image Credit: Radioware Project

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