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Using ZilicusPM – online project management software, in expert mode

Yes, we are back after a very short-while; we have been busy in building serious project management application that can make your life simpler; something that can help you to be at peace while managing projects; to help you to refrain from last minute surprises !!

This post share some  tips in quickly managing, controlling & updating projects.

ZilicusPM comes with some keyboard shortcuts & navigations that help you to manage your projects better and extremely quicker.

  1. Tasks scheduling
  2. Create work breakdown structure (WBS)
  3. Updating task progress
  4. Updating timesheet entries

Task scheduling:

Generally when you create project schedule, you add high level of activities and break those down to individual do-able tasks. In ZilicusPM, there is a quick way of creating successive tasks – you can multiple tasks without closing the Create Task box. I would like to highlight here, how we look at the usability aspect – so as you keep adding tasks, you can notice the tasks details can be viewed in adjacent Task List panel even without closing the Create Task box and continue to add next task.

Online Task Scheduling in ZilicusPM

Well there is even quickest way of adding tasks. Interactive Gantt chart (IGC). Lot of our customers have admired interactive Gantt chart feature in ZilicusPM. It allows you to add multiple tasks just like you would add entries in excel (spreadsheet); type Task Name, hit the tab button to enter the Task Duration, again hit tab button to enter Estimated Efforts.

The best use of Interactive Gantt Chart (IGC) as our customer puts –

I can create 20+ months schedule quickly & set inter-dependencies among activities (drag & drop – something even MS Project doesn’t offer)

Creating work breakdown structure (WBS):

In Interactive Gantt chart, ZilicusPM lets you use keyboard shortcuts. I just mentioned above, you can use Enter key to add newer tasks, Tab key to move to next cell (task duration, estimated efforts); you can also use Control + ‘<’ to outdent & Control + ‘>’ to indent the selected task. So it becomes super easy to create levels of tasks.

Update task progress

ZilicusPM provides team members with short-cut to update their activities (task). User’s home page, shows list of pending activities on his/her name; as he/she clicks on it, he can see a distinct view of Current-Ongoing Tasks, Upcoming Tasks, and Completed Tasks. The view shows finer details of each tasks & only required actions to update the task’s details.

 Tasks view of team members

Update timesheet entries

Missed to update timesheet entries, don’t worry! ZilicusPM gives you a short cut to update your timesheet entries. On your home page, you can see links to update timesheet for a specified period of week. As you click on the link you will see the timesheet details page for corresponding duration.

Timesheet alerts

We hope you will find these shortcuts really useful and if you think we can improve any of the features in similar manner, do let us know. We will be happy to help you!


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