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The Week That Was In Project Management and Leadership (Mar-1)

There are quite a few interesting articles about project management and leadership that we came across in last week. Let me share some of these articles about project management and leadership among others.

CIOs Reveal Their Worst Nightmares

IT Leadership SurveyIn this article to highlight challenges faced by today’s IT leadership – CIOs, Sharon Florentine refers a recent survey. This survey of Executives IT Professionals, CIO was conducted by Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) to identify the challenges that keep CIOs awake at night? These challenges are primarily about data security, downtime of various enterprise application and hiring right talent to run business operations.

Essentially all these technology leaders surveyed, have strongly expressed the focus required for smooth business operations and aligned business strategy. They are well aware there are internal challenges as well as external trends that can greatly impact business operations. Hence CIOs are worried about data security, availability of the enterprise application to run their organization and scarcity of right talent.


What Kind of Leader Do You Want to Be?

LeadershipIn this HBR article, Rebecca Newton deliberate about leadership intent and leadership impact to define leadership footprint. She finds that during the leadership development processes, there was a missing question “What kind of leader do you want to be”. Now that leadership development process acknowledges importance having self-awareness (knowing what kind of leader you are now), figuring out aspiration (what kind of leader you would like to be), and finding the ways to achieve that (what skills and behaviors are necessary to achieve or change). But author thinks that there are two very crucial component for leadership success and they are

  1. Leadership Intent
  2. Leadership Impact

These two component together create leadership footprint. And the leadership development process should define ‘Leadership Footprint’ you would like to have. Do read this interesting leadership article further for more example and details.


The Core Competence of the Corporation

Core CompetenceIn this republished article by CK Pralhad, the champion professor noted for his Bottom of The Pyramid theory, provide insights to core competencies of corporations.

It goes by the example of NEC, the strong brand and successful diversified business (semiconductors, telecommunications, computing, and consumer electronics, etc) and it has leveraged portfolio of core competencies, its collective wisdom, collective knowledge to excel despite of diverse production requirement for technologies and skills. It has successfully identified core competence for itself and invented new market, exploited emerging markets, delighted its customers with mind-boggling products which didn’t exist but well received as a need.

Let me list down some of the ways to identify and nurture core competence of organization as researched by author

  • Clarify core competencies
  • Build and cultivate core competencies
  • Getting at the roots of competitive advantage and not to think of competence
  • Losing out core competence for greater good
  • Transitioning from core competencies to core products
  • Formation of SBU, strategic structuring for SBU


Risk Management Isn’t Optional. Here Are 5 Tips for Doing It Right

Project-Risk-ManagementKevin Korterud in this ProjectManagement.com article argues that risk management is not option and also sets guideline to doing risk management right.

Though it is not surprising but author is amazed to see that organizations do not have a right process to do effective risk management. One of the reasons he thinks behind this is, project manager perceive declaring risks is nothing less than exposing incompetence or weakness and thereby spoil their efforts to rectify/manage risks.

Further, author argues that not declaring risk is not optional, it is an essential, integrated part of any project. Moreover he would like to assist project manager who hesitate to highlight project risks with few tips. Some of his suggestions are

  • Think of risk management as opportunity that can let you have what you need to manage risk, and when you would need to manage those
  • Do not exclude people from your risk matrix. Resources can also be a risk to project (eg. Replacing someone, making someone redundant)
  • Set risk management process – for transparency and accountability
  • Have certain thumb rule to manage risk through project lifecycle (author proposes 30/20/10 rule)

Do let me know if you would like to share any other interesting article about project management software, project management and leadership.

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