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The Week in Project Management and Leadership (Mar-2)

The Week in Project Management and Leadership (Mar-2)

We came across few Interesting articles, research papers about project management, productivity & leadership in last week. Here is a glimpse of it.

Do you have what it takes to be a project manager?

project management career - project managerMoira Alexander at CIO talks about project management as a career choice that is a multifaceted and rewarding at the same time, quite demanding also. Your thoughts on eight points listed in the article will help you decide about project management as a career choice. She talks about some of the following points

  • Project management is fast paced
  • There is too much of information get exchanged that leads to ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Project manager has frequent deadlines to meet, making it demanding and stressful job
  • Constant learning as things keep changing every day
  • Project management is about facing conflict – internal and external
  • Project manager needs amazing organizational, inter-personal skills


Why Small Businesses Need Project Management

Deborah Anderson at Compukol blog underscores the importance of project management for small online business too. She describes the basics of project management and what cannot be termed as project, three constraints of project management (Budget, Time and Scope). How one can start managing projects through project management process. If a small business cannot hire full time project manager or consultant, it can very well have the process set by its owner and management and aid it with project management software.


Where does project management fit in an Open Research Project

Gary at OER Hub describes journey of project management being adopted and practiced in Open Education Research Projects. When he was formally certified as project management professional and started working/applying project management principles to the open research projects he realized the challenges, opportunities posed e.g. one methodology can be assumed to work well for all projects. It is about bringing arts (creativity) and process (methods) together.

He experienced that project management process adoption and implementation has been very slow and it was received with less than enthusiasm.

Sometimes project funders/sponsors would insist on certain approach, would express limitation of certain activities which in itself would constitute different process. Consolidating a standard processes out of all these led to planning, execution, control steps/processes at his open university research project.
Focus-Energy Matrix

Beware of Busy Project Manager

In this quite interesting HBR article Heike Bruch and Sumantra Ghoshal point out the challenge executive leadership and management face – ‘Unproductive Busyness’ or ‘Active Non-Action’ as they call it. Basically Active Non-action is about being carried away with routine activities instead of being able to reflect and focus on strategic activities.

Authors then refer to Focus and Energy metrics (2×2) categorizes executive leadership/management into The Distractors, The Procrastinators, The Disengaged and The Purposeful. Depending on current focus and energy levels, executive leadership/ management have to move towards The Purposeful. The case in consideration – Lufthansa showed the turn-around from being on the verge of being bankrupt in 1990 to nearly 2 Billion DM 2.5 Billion profit in a decade. And considerable credit goes to The Purposeful leadership.

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