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The Week That Was: In Project Management and Managing Remote Teams

After a brief hiatus I got the opportunity to look at what is keeping world readers engaged about project management, productivity, leadership. Let’s look at some of those interesting articles.

Remote project management

6 Mistakes With Remote Project Teams

Bruce Harpham of PMI Southern Ontario Chapter has written about the mistakes that happens while managing remote project teams.

Bruce has pointed out that managing remote teams is (now) and will be the must-have skill for project managers, given the number of international projects and cross regional project teams working on projects have increased. So it is important to understand the mistakes that happen while managing remote teams, so that one can perform better. Bruce has listed six mistakes that project managers should note.

  1. A transactional mindset
  2. Excessive dependence of email and written communication
  3. Not taking cognisance of silence at other ends
  4. Treating escalations as “Business as Usual”
  5. Ignoring weak collaboration capabilities
  6. Weak risk management

It is must read article for project managers. Do have a look at it.

Effective Remote Workforce Management

Andy Jordan at projectmanagement.com has jotted down the ways of effective remote workforce management. There are two primary aspects Andy highlights while effectively managing remote workforce.

Effective remote workforce management

  1. Creating Better Understanding of Working as a Remote Team
  2. Establishing Organisational Support for such Environment

Andy has pointed that correctly: there are different factors that drive individual project team members. Understanding such driving factor for an individual is relatively easier and can be straight forward in a colocated environment. However it is challenging for a project manager to do such assessment or take appropriate actions if the team is dispersed or working remotely. He puts it this way ”project manager needs to understand the strengths and development opportunities of each of their remote team members

Scrum agile project management: The smart person’s guide

Here is a good guide to scrum, one of the most popular agile project management methodology or framework. Using this framework, one can learn various scrum terms, using scrum methodology in software and NPD kinds of projects.

Some of the questions mentioned below, this guide will help you answering those.

  • What is scrum agile project management?
  • Why does scrum agile project management matter?
  • Who does scrum agile project management affect?
  • When is scrum agile project management happening?
  • How do I use scrum agile project management?.

For more information about scrum project management refer the guide,

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Additional readings about project management, leadership

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