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Zilicus featured on KillerStartups.com

Today, we are excited to announce that Zilicus is featured on KillerStartups.com

Zilicus at KillerStartups.com


Killerstartups.com writer Holly Hutton recently interviewed Co-founders of Zilicus – Dhan & Nagin. This interview took an inside view at how ZilicusPM is helping global organizations in managing their projects and co-founders’ entrepreneurial journey.

Here is some part of the interview:

As they talked about ZilicusPM, they clearly mentioned how it stands out from the competition and why it is a incredible value-proposition for users.

What makes ZilicusPM stand out from the rest?

  • It is an incredibly simple to use application with comprehensive features at an affordable cost
  • It has a very quick learning curve with minimum or no training required to use it
  • Project scheduling can be done incredibly quick (like spread sheet entries) using interactive gantt chart (drag drop tasks, dependencies)
  • Organogram and user roles take away the headache of managing access/privileges to projects. Portfolio managers and executive management automatically get access to their portfolio of projects
  • It is one integrated tool to manage entire lifecycle of the project. With ZilicusPM in use, you do not need to use different systems to create project, manage project files, track timesheet, manage issues or risks.

Along with ZilicusPM – the product company offers, co-founders also shared their experiences as a startup and what it takes being entrepreneur.


  • Stop gossiping and make it work

As I said earlier, as an entrepreneur we realized that there are so many opportunities out there in the market. However, it is prudent to stay focused on just a couple of those (which are most appealing and we are passionate about) and not start acting on it. To me, It is like a gossip unless we really start working on the concepts.

  • Check! Check! Does it work for them?

As we worked on our product/ service idea, we realized how important to see if resonates with the target audience; hence we’ve literally thrown our products to beta users and asked them to share ruthlessly honest feedback. We have remained pretty flexible to implement feature requests /changes suggested by our beta users as well as current customers. Since we do get a diverse set of requests by our customers and we know, if we implement all of these, it will kill the solution. Hence we keep product’s strategic, architectural positioning in our mind to analyze and evaluate users’ requests.


You can read the complete interview here.

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