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Zilicus Project Management solution, now is in limited Beta

Last week, Zilicus Project Management solution has been made available in limited beta release. We have receiving quite encouraging response and we are really excited to see that its current users – Program/Project managers, Business Analysts, Business Owners are finding ZilicusPM to be easy & intuitive to use for themselves & their team members.

Before we launch ZilicuPM- online Project Management Solution to all users, we want to ensure ZilicusPM is robust, faster, feature-rich yet simple. Even after launching ZilicusPM, we will continue work with this product vision. We are so happy that we have great people from diverse industries for early engagement & product trials.

Through this early engagement, we would like to

  • Collect extensive feedback on quality of the product –
    • User feedback of the solution in terms of – simplicity, usability & speed
    • Sufficiency of features for this integrated solution
  • Whether this solution addresses pain points, users are experiencing with currently available products
  • In turn, improve acceptance of the solution, by end users (PMs, Team members)

Based on the feedback, we have received, our team has started realigning product features & resolving minor issues identified.

We are pretty confident that our offering will greatly help ‘project teams’ to collaborate & get things done effectively but we are curious to see what end user are going to say about it. Hence we are gearing up ourselves for this drive.


-ZilicusPM Team

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About Zilicus

Zilicus offers the best project portfolio management tool ZilicusPM, with robust project management tools capabilities and easy ways to track project management KPI,

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