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ZilicusPM 3.0 Released with Interactive Gantt Chart And MS Project Integration


We have been working really hard for ZilicusPM 3.0 release and today we are excited to introduce new features to all users of ZilicusPM and a super slick, New-Generation fresh look of the application.

Sneak Peek into ZilicusPM 3.0

Sneak Peek into ZilicusPM 3.0

ZilicusPM 3.0

Following are the new features introduced in ZilicusPM version 3.0

1. Interactive Gantt Chart

Interactive Gantt Chart is a lot easier and quicker way to create project schedule

  • Now use spreadsheet like entries to add new tasks-  use keyboard shortcuts e.g. Tab, Enter to create tasks
  • You can use keyboard shortcuts to indent (Ctrl+Left Arrow) and outdent (Ctrl+Right Arrow) tasks levels
  • You can drag-n-drop Tasks to move along timeline, , extend duration & add task dependencies using mouse
  • Earlier we have been supporting Finish to Start (F2S) type of dependency but in this release new types of dependencies can be created like Start to Start (S2S), Finish to Finish (F2F), Start to Finish (S2F) along with lag time
  • Color of the task in Gantt is now based on its priority (viz. High – Red, Medium – Amber, Low – Green, None – Blue); Whenever team member update the task progress, it will automatically get displayed inside the bar (in dark colors)

2. Microsoft Project Integration

  • Do you work with Microsoft Project, no worries, now we offer inter-operability with MS Project too
  • Now you can import project schedules created using MS Project to ZilicusPM
  • You can also export schedule of any project in ZilicusPM to file that can be re-used in MS Project compatible format

3. Project Administration

  • Now as a Administrator of ZilicusPM, you can administer projects for your account
  • Un-Delete projects (retrieve projects deleted by project managers)
  • Change project manager for any given project (reassign project ownership to somebody else)

4. UI Redesign

  • We have given a super slick look and feel to ZilicusPM in its version 3.0
  • Few changes in usability aspects – e.g. The way you create tasks in ZilicusPM has been improved considerably

Video Help/Guide

Additionally, we have introduced video guide for the application

  • In this version users can access context sensitive video help guide
  • For a given page, use can simply click on the link provided in the utility section at top and he/she can view video that guides how to use functionality provided a given page
  • We have provided video guide for all major features (Get Started, Admin, Projects, Project Workspace, Portfolio Dashboard, Project Reports, Timesheet tabs, Task Management and others)

The beta users who have got early access to these features for last one month are quite happy with the way ZilicusPM has introduced these project management software features and most importantly, they are able to contribute to wards a maturing  application.

Would you like to experience the easier and powerful way to create and manage projects? Signup ZilicusPM today.

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1 Comment

  • June 25, 2012 at 6:01 am

    I am really impressed with ZilicusPM3.0, especially the new interactive Gantt Chart, it’s simple superb!!
    It is colourful, easy and makes task editing so quick. I love it.

    Keep up the good work guys!