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ZilicusPM Declared Winner of Smart Choice Award 2014

ZilicusPM Declared Winner of Smart Choice Award 2014

We are really excited to share with you that ZilicusPM, the online project management software has won the 2014 Project Management Software Smart Choice Award from FindTheBest.com, one of the largest and busiest product comparison websites that attracts 20 million visitors every month. As a leading destination for research, FindTheBest.com aims to help people think like experts across hundreds of topics, from electronics to education, healthcare to software, real estate to commerce, and more.

ZilicusPM Declared Winner of Smart Choice Award Winner 2014

Best of FindTheBest

This year, FindTheBest.com introduced the Smart Choice award to better recognize the best products available today. To qualify for this award, project management software products had to score at least a 90% Smart Rating. The Smart Rating system collects expert reviews from multiple trusted sources and averages them into one comprehensive expert rating. Effectively, this award informs consumers which project management software products have consistently received the best reviews.

“With a 99% Smart Rating score, ZilicusPM beats out all other project management software products to receive the well-deserved 2014 Smart Choice award for project management software.

How this selection is done, let me quote its own criterias here

“To qualify for the award, software must score at least a 90% Smart Rating, Zilicus scored a 99%! Our Smart Rating system takes reviews from industry publications (like CNET and PCMag) and averages them into one comprehensive expert rating; less than 12% of pm software in our database qualified this year. “

FindTheBest.com weighted vital aspects of project management software features (comprehensive list) while making selection and rating products. Some of these features are like project planning, task management, budget and expenses, issue tracking, reporting, support, platforms supported, collaboration features, project resource management, risk management features along with other project management features. ZilicusPM reviewed by FindTheBest based on its users’, visitors’ review/feedback and thus declared as the winner of Smart Choice Award 2014.

Zilicus offers award-winning, complete and easy to use cloud-based project management software – ZilicusPM. Customers in more than ninety countries have entrusted ZilicusPM and are using it with great success. It helps companies to significantly improve project collaboration and project delivery without adding administration staff at your company.

About Zilicus

Zilicus offers the best project portfolio management tool ZilicusPM, with robust project management tools capabilities and easy ways to track project management KPI,

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