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ZilicusPM Project Management Software: Get Started Guide for Project Managers

ZilicusPM Project Management Software: Get Started Guide for Project Managers

ZilicusPM: Get Started Guide for Project Manager

Howdy PMs! As I said it earlier and keep saying this “project managers are great people who are backbone and driving force to plan, execute, control project to meet project goals & objectives”

To succeed in meeting project goals and objectives, you need a consistent and repeatable processes. A project management software like ZilicusPM provides a great platform to manage projects predictably and consistently.

Yes, you have made the right decision to use ZilicusPM to plan, track and control projects. ZilicusPM: Get started guide will help project managers get started smoothly.

6 simple steps for PMs new to ZilicusPM

  1. Get familiar with ZilicusPM
  2. Set to go? Create your first project
  3. Decide your team composition
  4. Create project plan & monitor progress
  5. Track project issues, risks & decide course of action
  6. Getting a holistic picture


1. Get familiar with ZilicusPM Project Management Software

You have certainly already skimmed through the features required for your organization, yet I will suggest you to have a look at 2 minutes introductory project management software video of ZilicusPM. It will give you quick overview or glimpse of feature-rich tool, without getting overwhelmed. You will get familiar with the project management software features and realize the value-proposition ZilicusPM project management software offers.

When you will login for the first time – ZilicusPM will do hand-holding for you and walk-you through the important features available in ZilicusPM. You will be able to create project, add tasks, assign tasks to your team members, create issue (optional), create document (optional) and create risk (optional) without any fuss. As plain and as simple that you can’t go wrong using it.

Next thing you will realize and should notice in ZilicusPM is the context specific videos. Context specific videos means – once you are on certain page using certain feature, ZilicusPM provides you video-guides to demonstrate how to use that feature. These videos will tell you what to expect on a given page, how to view project information, how to use various control – buttons, links on a given page.

These video guides makes you pretty familiar with application navigation (moving from one page to another, using various project control buttons) – essentially knowing the application interface.

Additionally you can use User Guides accessible from any page within ZilicusPM. Users can use online user guide to know features, how-to of functionality from within application. You need not have to open different application or browser page to access online guide or create support ticket.

You can also request for personalized demo/training.

You can also read second part of ZilicusPM: Get Started Guide for Project Managers.

 2. Set to go? Create your first real project

You may have created sample or test projects during your ZilicusPM-hand-holding session. And now you will be creating a really real project. Navigate to Projects tab in ZilicusPM and you will see list of projects already created. You can set up a project plan in ZilicusPM by creating a new project for your upcoming projects. You would certainly know the kick-off date, and tentative completion date for this project. Once you provide this information, you can create a new projects.

Of course there are additional and advance options like

– Associate project to a given portfolio (if it is created)

– Import from existing project (just schedule, schedule + team + assignment)

– Set billing option for project

– Set a project budget

– Add custom field to this project

Once a project is created, you will be taken to ‘Project Workspace’. It is one central place where all your project information is centralized. You can view project basic details on Overview page and more information like project activities log.

Depending on team member’s role and access/privileges assigned to them, they will have restricted access in project. However as a project owner you will have ultimate control over project details – schedule, team, cost, issues and risks. Of course, things like schedule, issues, task comments, documents will be shared with project team for collaboration purpose, making it transparent affair.


3. Decide your project team composition

In order to execute any project you require people with certain skillset to carry out project activities. ZilicusPM allows you to figure this out. Now that you have created a project, you can set up your project team. You can decide your project resources composition – what kind of roles, skills do you need in your project team to execute project. You can add project team members from resource pool by name, skillset or role.

Add multiple team members to your project team, but all of them may not be able to work full time on your projects; so ZilicusPM lets you decide team members’ allocation to a given project. And this allocation becomes a de facto guideline for task assignment (again it can be overwritten at task level).

If you plan to track cost, budgeting and billing for your projects using ZilicusPM, you can add per hour cost rate and billing rate for each of your project team member. Optionally you can also give them privilege to modify project schedule (discretion of a project owner).

In the next post we will cover next three simple steps in ZilicusPM Project Management Software: Get Started Guide to manage project effectively.

Do you know ZilicusPM project management software offers project planning, project tracking, project collaboration capabilities such as

And you can configure ZilicusPM to best suit your project management requirements, project management process.

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