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ZilicusPM – Online Project Management Software is Ready to Go Live

Zilicus Project Management Software After months of hard work and based on extensive user feedback, ZilicusPM Project Management Software has been launched today.

ZilicusPM is a comprehensive Project Management and Collaboration Software. It allows project managers & team members to Get Things Done easily & faster! It is powerful for project managers so that they can plan, track and control project well, at the same time, it is quite intuitive and easier for team members to use.


ZilicusPM enhances collaboration among project team members, everyone is informed of project update in real time. It instils transparency and accountability in your project team; and enables everyone to to focus on Getting Things Done.

ZilicusPM Features:

Project Planning Software:

ZilicusPM provides easier, faster way to create project plan – work breakdown structure (WBS), tasks and milestones, view project schedule through Gantt Chart, check resource availability & assignment, Prepare Risk Plan

Project Tracking Tool:

You can track project progress through stylish and informative dashboard provided by ZilicusPM. The project dashboard and reports gives your real time status of your project. You can track tasks through gantt chart, issues, risks, know whether project is on-track or off-track, check the variance.

Project Collaboration Software:

ZilicusPM enables team members to work together through shared project plan, online calendar, documents, issues and risks. Invite your customer to project workspace that encourages transparency and in turn enhances your credibility.

Issue Tracking Tool:

The issue/bug tracker provides predefined workflow to track issues in your project. It is easy to submit issues; project manager and team members are informed through automatic email notification about issue update. Issues in your project are shared with all project team members.

Time Tracking Software:

Timesheet tracker in ZilicusPM enable team members to log their project activities. For a given week, just select your project and only those tasks assigned to you ,will appear. Against these tasks, you can record your timesheet hours. You can receive alerts about pending week for which timesheet entries are not submitted.

Risk Management Software:

ZilicusPM provides advance Risk Management capability that helps project team to record risks in Risk Register, assess risk impact (probability and severity), plan risk response (Risk Mitigation, Contingency, Transfer, etc) and delegate it to team member for further actions.

Document Management System:

You can create web-folders, upload documents, create versions (major/minor), add labels to documents, download online documents. All documents are shared with the project Team. ZilicusPM lets Project Manager create confidential folder contents of which are only accessible to project manager alone.


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Your life can be become easier with the right project management system. ZilicusPM is the right PM tool for you and your team. Get started now.

About Zilicus

Zilicus offers the best project portfolio management tool ZilicusPM, with robust project management tools capabilities and easy ways to track project management KPI,

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  • February 24, 2012 at 2:29 pm
    Kailas Thube

    I have used Zilicus PM trial version and found it quite useful.
    I am managing various projects for more than 4 years and i think this tool is very helpful in project managment, It covers many things in project managment.
    Nice work Zilicus team, and Good luck..

  • February 20, 2012 at 3:50 am

    Good ideas. we cover the basics, and how to deal with the people side at http://projectcoach.com.au/leading-edge-e-learning/