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Microsoft Project Alternative
Looking for an online collaboration alternative to Microsoft Project?
Try ZilicusPM!

Bring structure & get clarity to every aspect of your projects
Be it schedule, budget, resources, risks, changes, issues or collaboration

Gantt Chart - Project Management

Why Is ZilicusPM The Best MS Project Alternative?

ZilicusPM = 10 Different Tools In One

Manage projects schedule online: use interactive dashboard, Kanban board to delegate tasks, track time spent as well as cost in real-time.

Set project portfolio budget, track time, resource cost, approve expenses as well as project billing from task to portfolio level

Executive dashboard and reports to track project progress in terms of schedule, resources, cost, issues, risks, changes nearly real-time.

Manage and track portfolio of projects, get real visibility to portfolio financials, important project milestones, risks, chagges

Team collaboration sets ZilicusPM apart from MS Project. Team can collaborate transparently be it task, meetings, issue, changes etc.

One integrated tool to find the truth: schedule, issues, budget, actual cost, billing, resource productivity, risks, changes, meetings, 

ZilicusPM Vs MS Project

Know which project management software works better for your need 

MS Project


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Projects, Projects Approval

Gantt Chart

Time Tracking

Resource Planning

Project, Portfolio KPIs

Executive Portfolio Dashboard

Cross Project Resource Availabliity

Team Collaboration

Change Request Management

Risk Register Management

Issue Tracker

Kanban Board

Resource Assignment in hrs

Project Portfolio Budgeting

Project Cost Tracking

Stakeholder Management

“ZilicusPM – the PM that you need!”

ZilicusPM is suited for any business that has difficulty managing and keeping track of office related work as well as project management. Its an efficient way to manage just about anything necessary. It is well-suited for our office, as structural/civil engineers – we are able to keep track of our projects as well as office/human resources related work. 

– Samantha D (Wexler Associates, Civil Engineering)

Explore Robust Alternative to MS Project

Try ZilicusPM

Considering or Using MS Project on your desk? Think again.

The way you share project tasks with team.

MS PRoject

  • You create a MS Project file, usually export it to excel 
  • More often than not, you will email project plan (excel file) or share it in a common drive to your colleagues, vendors 


  • There is a single copy of project plan that everyone refers
  • Team members are notified of the tasks which are assigned to them, these tasks show up in their calendar

When you change anything in your project plan

MS PRoject

  • When you change plan (task schedule, assignment), the change remain limited to the file being changed and person updating it
  • You need to attach project plan and send email again to everyone
  • Or you put it to a common shared location and send emails to your team that plan is updated


  • Any change in the schedule is notified to only those team member for whom the change of schedule is applicable
  • The change in schedule also reflect in the change in calendar even
  • If you un-assign a task, it also gets removed from team member’s calendar

When you would like to get tasks status

MS PRoject

  • With MS Project, you have to collect status update from every team member manually by entering information in project plan
  • You end up scheduling a status meeting or calling team members


  • ZilicusPM makes it easier for team members to update task, they can update using web, mobile or email
  • No need for manager to keep updating every task manually
  • Save hours as you don’t need meeting to collect status

The way you track project status

MS PRoject

  • If you have to share high level project status with your manager, you will have to create dashboard, charts, ppt manually
  • If there is any change in status, you will have to redraw, update dashboard every time.


  • You get beautiful dashboard which gets updated automatically as things progress
  • Project dashboards are interactive, you can drill down to specific aspect of project

Schedule is important but that's not everything about a project

MS PRoject

  • You can not track project cost, expenses, time, billing, resources, issues, risks, changes
  • There is no workspace to organize project documents
  • There is no easy way to set portfolio budget or track project budget against actual cost or estimated costs


  • ZilicusPM gives you simple way to track time, expenses, cost, plan resources, manage issues, risks, changes
  • You can organize project document in a project workspace
  • Set portfolio budget, project budget track project actual cost against estimated costs

When you are on the go

MS PRoject

  • When you are on the move, you can’t access project plan easily or update task progress easily
  • You don’t get a mobile app when MS Project installed on your desktop
  • No easy way to enter time or expenses with MS Project


  • ZilicusPM app is available for Android as well as iOS smartphones
  • Get tasks, issues information on the go, update task progress, status using mobile app
  • Track time, expenses using iPhone, iPad or Android phone

Learning Curve, Collaboration Support and Maintenance

MS PRoject

  • Even if you are a experienced project managers and new to MS Project, it takes time to learn it
  • You can get online training or spend hours learning it by yourself
  • MS Project was designed with project manager in mind, it is not made for collaboration with team. You simply can not collaborate with your team without manually sending files or emails
  • One has to be careful about maintaining MS Project application, its server configuration, new update, etc


  • ZilicusPM designed with project manager, project team members in mind. 
  • ZilicusPM has built in videos, help guide which helps you walk through each of the functionality
  • Its interface is made for collaboration with team, clients and other stakeholders – they can add comments to task, create issues, report risk, submit change, setup meeting, participate in discussion
  • You do not have to worry about ZilicusPM appplication , server maintenance or new updates

Get Better Control & Visibility of Your Projects

Executive Dashboard in Project Portfolio Management Software ZilicusPM

Get Clear visibility with Real Dashboard

  • Senior management, portfolio managers get clear visibility and holistic picture of project portfolios. 
  • Status of portfolio of projects is available at a click to know how it is doing in terms of schedule milestone, budget, issues, changes, risks

Manage Schedule Like a Pro

  • Manage unlimited projects, tasks, sub-tasks, milestones
  • Interactive Gantt chart makes project scheduling lot easier 
  • Drag and drop tasks, set dependencies, lead/lag time
  • Assign tasks to team members and track for progress, cost, utilization.
Project Portfolio Management Software ZilicusPM Multi-Project KPI Dashboard

Take it to the next level

  • Get rid of spreadsheets, data entry and never-ending email threads; get important project data in few click 
  • Start using project template to speedup your planning
  • Track time, expenses, cost, resources utilization to finer details
  • Keep everyone on the same page and say good bye to miscommunication

Trusted by customers in 100+ countries

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