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Project Management Software by Zilicus

Professional Services Automation

ZilicusPM Project Management Software can greatly help professional services organizations to automate achieve their topmost goal: “deliver best in class patient care” by enabling tools to implement processes, manage compliances and regulations.

ZilicusPM Project Management Software for Professional Services

Business Consulting

ZilicusPM can help you manage business consulting projects to plan and select consultant for strategic analysis, research, recommendations.

IT Consulting Assignments

Got to deliver IT consulting project? ZilicusPM can help you with tools for task management, scheduling, and collaboration.


Use ZilicusPM tool to identify most beneficial products & services for consumers. Plan marketing research, communication activities, track tasks enable team collaboration.


Use ZilicusPM tool to plan & execute advertisement campaigns for your clients. Plan activities and allocate staff to facilitate team collaboration.

Merger & Acquisition

Manage due diligence activities with greater confidentiality for mergers and acquisitions projects using one single PM software ZilicusPM.

Architect, Design, Engineering

Manage real projects using one single software ZilicusPM: assign right staff, delegate activities and track estimated vs actual cost

Training and Skills Building

Plan, track, monitor and coordinate activities as well as resources necessary to meet training and skill building activities deadlines.

Legal Services

Customise project templates which can be reused as best practices emerge from completed legal engagements.

Get Better Control & Visibility of Your Projects

Executive Dashboard in Project Portfolio Management Software ZilicusPM

Get Clear visibility with Real Dashboard

  • Senior management, portfolio managers get clear visibility and holistic picture of project portfolios. 
  • Status of portfolio of projects is available at a click to know how it is doing in terms of schedule milestone, budget, issues, changes, risks

Manage Schedule Like a Pro

  • Manage unlimited projects, tasks, sub-tasks, milestones
  • Interactive Gantt chart makes project scheduling lot easier 
  • Drag and drop tasks, set dependencies, lead/lag time
  • Assign tasks to team members and track for progress, cost, utilization.
Project Portfolio Management Software ZilicusPM Multi-Project KPI Dashboard

Take it to the next level

  • Get rid of spreadsheets, data entry and never-ending email threads; get important project data in few click 
  • Start using project template to speedup your planning
  • Track time, expenses, cost, resources utilization to finer details
  • Keep everyone on the same page and say good bye to miscommunication

Benefits of Using ZilicusPM Project Management Tool for Professional Services Automation

  • Easily manage client projects
  • Optimise resources
  • Increase administrative efficiencies
  • Drive higher margins
  • Improving the quality of service delivery
  • Improve communication with teams
  • Integrating various IT systems to effectively manage other departments

“ZilicusPM – the PM that you need!”

ZilicusPM is suited for any business that has difficulty managing and keeping track of office related work as well as project management. Its an efficient way to manage just about anything necessary. It is well-suited for our office, as structural/civil engineers – we are able to keep track of our projects as well as office/human resources related work. 

– Samantha D (Wexler Associates, Civil Engineering)

Trusted by customers in 100+ countries

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