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ZilicusPM Unveils Simpler Project Time Tracking Software for Enterprise

ZilicusPM Unveils Simpler Project Time Tracking Software for Enterprise

ZilicusPM project management software enable project teams to track real work done on project activities. It also features simpler mobile access and informative time tracking help project teams to be more productive and more effective in completing project activities. Enterprises are also using ZilicusPM successfully to maximise billability of its employees. ZilicusPM has been quite useful and embraced successfully by professional services organizations.

 ZilicusPM Time Tracking Software

Zilicus, the leading provider of project management software, announced launch of ZilicusPM11.4, which includes ZilicusPM time tracking software enhancements for users to track time on the go, to set cost and billable rate according the role associated with the employee/contractor. ZilicusPM also delivers simplified user experiences and greater mobile access to track time, track cost, billing for projects.

ZilicusPM Time Tracking Software

ZilicusPM provides customers a unique time tracking software designed to optimise resource costs, minimise resource efforts, maximise billing for employees associated with revenue generating activities and increase worker productivity. With ZilicusPM Time Tracking Software, customers will benefit from

  • Simple Unified Application: ZilicusPM time tracking module works seamlessly and integrates well with other project management functions like resource planning, scheduling, expenses tracking, document management, issue and risk management. Thus ZilicusPM provides a central project management platform for global workforce.
  • User driven user interface: ZilicusPM has designed its time tracking application along with project management software keeping the end-user at the center. Its intuitive interface will make it simple for resources easily log hours worked, also know remaining time to work on those activities thereby saving time and increasing productivity.
  • Business automation: ZilicusPM time tracking software would do intelligent calculations of your critical project data such as hours planned, hours worked, hours remaining. It also takes into account regular hours, overtime hours and respective cost rate, overtime rate to calculate resource cost and billing amount. The approval process for timesheet and expenses can be managed by project managers and ZilicusPM will notify them as team submits weekly timesheet.

ZilicusPM Time Tracking Software is a built in application integrated with project management capabilities ZilicusPM already offers.

Simplified Mobile Access

Businesses today expects enterprise applications to enable their workforce to work on the go. ZilicusPM provides seamless mobile experiences optimised for the business user. It works on your preferred device be it Android based smartphone or tablet or it is iPhone or iPad.

  • Employees can use any platform (mobile, laptop, tablet), ZilicusPM will still maintain their timesheet record at one place
  • The mobile interface lets employees view and submit timesheet entries on day-to-day basis for multiple activities
  • If employee would like to submit expenses on mobile and attach a bill to its expense sheet, ZilicusPM mobile application let users take a photo from its smartphone and it gets attached to the expense sheet.

More Effective for Cross Location Teams

International projects have specific characteristics, it could be cultural, political, etc. It also means that there are different risk impacting international projects. One of the challenges is be about tracking time-efforts spent by global team. ZilicusPM has been used by multi-location teams to collaborate and deliver project work. Project manager responsible for a project delivery can effortlessly track project progress, timesheet submitted by multi-location team.


“We have been reinventing our project management software for enterprise users, because our customers would like ZilicusPM to be a global, unified application for business, that would simplify everyone’s way of managing projects” said Dhan, co-founder of Zilicus. “ZilicusPM time tracking software, is taking away complexity involved in managing, tracking time and increasing productivity, and we are seeing how it adds concrete value to our customers’ businesses.

Your life can be become easier with the right project management system. ZilicusPM is the right PM tool for you and your team. Get started now.

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